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How do I transfer event tickets?
How do I transfer event tickets?

If you have purchased more than one event ticket, you can assign the extra tickets to other people. You can also change your SMD.

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Please note that these instructions are for ticket purchasers.  If you are an event coordinator, you can transfer tickets from the "Purchases" page in your Big Event Builder section.

The easiest way to transfer your tickets, is to look for the transfer link at the bottom of your ticket confirmation email.  Otherwise, simply go to the page that you originally went to in order to purchase the tickets.  It will look something like:

Pro tip: you can go directly to the transfer page by typing (again, of course, putting your event shortcut name in place of "event-name").

Scroll down to the bottom of the ticket purchase form and you will see a link that says "Already purchased tickets?  Click here to transfer them."  It looks like this:

Simply click that, and you will need to enter two pieces of data to lookup your tickets and confirm they are really yours:

You can find this information in your ticket purchase confirmation email.  If you did not receive a confirmation email please check your spam folder.  (You can also try searching 'bscpro'.)  If you still can't find the confirmation information, ask your event coordinator to check your ticket and resend the confirmation (making sure that they have your correct email on file).  They can also just look up the information or manually transfer the ticket for you.

Once you have entered the information correctly, you will see a table like the following.  It will list out all of your ticket purchases for this event that were made with your same email address.  You only have to confirm one of the events to get them all.

In the example above, it shows two separate ticket purchases, which is why there are two separate ticket ids.  You should also note that the first field is grayed out, which means that it cannot be assigned.  Your very first ticket cannot be reassigned.  And you can only assign any other ticket one time.  If you need an exception to that rule, contact your event coordinator.  It is up to each individual event coordinator to set their policy on ticket transfers.

After you enter a new email into a field and click "Transfer" an email confirmation will be sent to the new email.  Also note that you can always go in and change the SMD field, which is the last field.  That is simply to allow for corrections if the incorrect SMD was selected during purchase or transfer.

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