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Is BSCpro secure?
Is BSCpro secure?

We take security and privacy seriously at BSCpro and we make every effort to secure your information while still making it accessible to you

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One thing you will notice on all sensitive pages in BSCpro is the green "https" in front of the domain name.  The 's' indicates "secure" and it means that all communications between your device and our servers is encrypted.  It also gives you assurance that the site you are looking at really is us.  We use a 3rd party authority to confirm that we are who we say we are.  We use the same level of encryption that your bank or the US military uses.

The second thing we do is encrypt all data as it is stored on our servers.  Everything on our servers is encrypted so even if someone was to physically steal the hard drives, the data would be useless to them.  Our servers are also housed in a very secure data center with around the clock monitoring with very restricted access.

Third, all of your private data can only be accessed with your username and password.  Even we at BSCpro can't lookup your password.  So if you lose it, you will have to reset it.  We also restrict who in the company can access accounts for troubleshooting and helping you and even then, we hide certain sensitive information so even BSCpro employees can't see it.

We make every effort to keep your data safe while balancing that with a user friendly interface.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or the little help bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

We will also never share any of your information without your consent.  You read our privacy policy for more information on how we keep your data private.

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