The team roster page is automatically generated based on user signups on BSCpro.  If you want your team to show up, have them create a free BSCpro account either on the mobile app or on the website.  When filling out their information, they must select you as their Upline SA, MD, SMD, EMD, CEO, or EVC.  Team roster is not currently supported for Associate level users but that is coming soon.

If an agent has already created their BSCpro account, have them confirm in their profile that you are set as their upline.  They can do this on the Profile page on both the mobile app and website by clicking on their profile picture.

Changing it on the web looks something like this:

One last thing to check is whether they are marked as Inactive.  if they are marked as inactive on your list, you can see them by simply clicking the "Inactive" link at the bottom of your team roster.  Any agents marked as inactive here will show up.  You can then click the star to reactivate them.  They will then show up on the active list again.

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