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I can't see my team's activity.
I can't see my team's activity.

If you are building a team, you probably want to be able to see their activity. There are a few things you need to check first.

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The only way the BSCpro software can know who your team is, is if they set you as their upline.  You can only see your team (down line) activity if you are an SA or MD user and above.

In order to confirm that your team has you selected is their upline, simply go to the My Organization link on the left navigation bar.  If they have you correctly selected, you will see their names in your team roster.

When new users create their account, they are given the opportunity to select their uplines.  They can also go back to their profile at any time by clicking their profile image on the app or on the web.

And don't forget to go to the bottom of the list and click "Update Professional Profile" to save changes.

Changing it on the web looks something like this:

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