The following video will give you an overview of how to add and manage BPMs and offices. Or you can follow the text instructions below.

You have to setup a BPM (Business Presentation Meeting) schedule before you and your base shop can start adding captains list names, check-in, associate attendance, and anything else that revolves around the BPM meetings.  This allows you and your team to select a specific BPM when adding data like captains list names.

  1. In the left navigation column, you should see a link for "BPM" click that and then click "Create A BPM".  Or just click here.

  2. You will then see a list page with a blue "Add A BPM" button at the top right.

  3. For BPM Event Type, choose "Recurring" if the event happens on a weekly basis.  Choose "one-time" if it is a one time, BPM style event like a super saturday.

  4. Search for your office by address, city, state or zip  (If you don't see it, go down to step 5.) If another SMD has already setup that same BPM, you may see suggested matches.  If there is a match for your BPM, be sure to select that, so that your guest sign in sheets will be combined into one.  (So you can just have one laptop open at the front doing check-in for everyone).

  5. If your office is not listed, scroll to the bottom of the search results and click the pull-down option that says "Not found, click here to add".  You can then enter your office address, view it on a google map, and save it.  (If the location is incorrect on the google map, then please message us and send us a link to it's true location on google maps and we will fix it for you.)

  6. You will then need to set the day of the week (for a recurring BPM) or the date (for a one time) and the time of the event.

  7. Then save, and that's it!  You and your team should then start seeing this BPM as an option whenever you select a date on which a BPM event is happening.

  8. As a bonus, if there are other SMDs in your office and they have BSCpro, you can click the "SMD" button next to your bpm on the schedule listing and search and add the other SMDs to your BPM. Then, the BPM will automatically show on their list for them and their team.

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