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How to create your own Big Event.
How to create your own Big Event.

A big event is an event for which you are selling (or giving away) tickets.

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In order to create a big event, you have to have an SMD account or higher and be a premium/paid BSCpro user.

Just click the Big Events link in your navigation bar on the left and then click Big Event Builder from there, you will see an Add Event button at the top right.

Then simply fill out the form. The payment section will give you 3 options to charge for tickets:

If you choose Direct Bank Deposit, credit cards will be processed by our partner provider, Braintree. You will need to fill out a few simple questions about your business including your bank account information so the payments can be deposited directly to you.

If you want to use paypal, you can select that and simply enter your paypal email. If you are going to have $0 tickets, you can go ahead and select Paypal and enter your email (you don't have to have a paypal account). If the final ticket price is $0, then purchasers will not be asked to enter any payment information.

If you already have your own processor, and it is compatible with, then you can select that option. If you need additional help with that or other payment information, feel free to contact support.

You will also need to enter a shortcut here. This creates the URL for your ticket purchase page. It can be letters, numbers, dashes, or underscores only, no spaces.

If, for example, you enter "my_event", then your shortcut URL will be "". 

We are still working on more help pages for the Big Event feature, so if you need additional help, don't hesitate to message support.

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