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Add or Send BPM names to ANY! BPM
Add or Send BPM names to ANY! BPM

You can now add names to other BPMs in other baseshops or even other hierarchies in different states!

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Written by Derek Carr
Updated over a week ago

Previously, you could only add names to a BPM that is in your own baseshop. You could then send the name elsewhere but it was a two step process. Now, when adding the name, you can choose to send it directly to another BPM in another team. Just click the "Send to Other BPM" search by associate, city name, or even zip code to get the nearest offices to the zip code you provide.

Also, if you send any name to a BPM outside your baseshop, you can see all those names by clicking the "Change" button on the Captain's List (BPM Invites) page, then selecting the "Date Range" option. Whatever date range you select will show any invites that you sent including those that were sent outside your baseshop.

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