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Changing your account information
Changing your account information

All of the information about yourself that you might need to change like your upline or level can be found on the profile page.

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You can change information about yourself like your upline information, name, email, username, password and even your map settings from the profile page. To access the profile page, simply log in to your account at At the top right corner of the page, you should see your name and possibly profile pic. Click on the profile picture or the down arrow next to your name and then click profile.

Once there, you will see tabs across the top of your profile. Each one stores different information about you. You can click through these tabs to access the different information you may want to set or update. Be sure to save any changes you make!

The Professional Profile tab is where you can change important information like your uplines and you current level, like Associate, SMD, etc.

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